Tutors, be careful! Scam alert!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Hello tutors, recently 2 of our friends who are home tutors got scammed by a man, age between 40 to 50 years old, pretending to be a parent who wants to interview the tutor for home tuition. His modus operandi is he will ask if the tutor can come to meet him at a place (not at his house) for the interview. He will carry a bag/briefcase with him. During the interview he will pretend that he needs to call his wife/son/daughter for a while and ask the tutor if he can borrow the tutor's phone as his phone's battery is dead. In another case, there is an accomplice ( a lady usually) who will call the tutor at the tutor's phone and ask if the tutor can pass the phone to her 'husband'. The man will then pretend that the signal is not clear and needs to speak outside the premise. The tutor of course won't suspect anything as the guy's briefcase is still at the table. He will then disappear with the tutor's phone. After the tutor had realized what happened, and checked the bag/briefcase, it'd turn out that it doesn't contain anything. The latest incident happened yesterday at 8pm. The tutor's phone is a Samsung Note 3. The guy uses the name Samsudin Yeoh Abdullah and uses the number 012-2974915, 012-2514304 or 017-3759039. A police report has been made. Please spread this news to your tutors. Be careful and don't ever lend your expensive phone to strangers.