Train The Tutor Seminar

Friday, January 9, 2015

Train the Tutor Tuition Seminar

In this new year 2015, in cooperation with Pusat Tuisyen Efektif Shah Alam will be conducting a 'Train the Tutor' seminar intended for private tutors and tuition teachers or those who are planning to be one. This seminar is a one of its kind as it gathers 3 specialists from the education field. The first trainer, Cikgu Noorhaida Sukardi is a secondary school teacher, and also a subject matter expert for the Chemistry SPM paper. Second trainer Cikgu Raheel Noorsham, is a full time tutor, and also the principal at Tuisyen Efektif tuition center. The third speaker, Cikgu Hambal Noorsham is the owner of Together they will share with participants the knowledge and skills needed to be a successful tutor, which hopefully will help tutors to gain a much higher income in the future. For details & registration, please visit this link