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First Session

If after the first session, you feel the tutor is not suitable or not competent, you can ask for a replacement tutor, and the first session with the previous tutor is free of charge!

Money Secure

Tutors are required to complete all lessons agreed before payment is released to them. This will prevent cases of tutor asking payment upfront, and did not show up later in the month

Exchange Tutor

From second session onwards, if you feel your child is showing no improvement, just inform us and we will suggest a replacement tutor. You don't need to go through the hassle of searching another tutor again

Lesson Recorded

Tutors are required to submit the records of lessons done. You can view these records to make sure all classes are completed, based on the payment made.

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our guarantee

You only start paying from the first session if you are satisfied with our tutor's performance. If you are not satisfied, you can ask for a replacement tutor, and the first session with the previous tutor is free of charge!



    Farzan Fadhlillah

    Subang Jaya

    MEng Electronics Engineering with Nanotechnology; University ...

    About Me

    A believer of education as the core of a persons development, both formally and informally. - Was the National Coach for the International Mathematics Olympiad and still a supporter of the National Mathematics Olympiad team - Developed a leadership rubrics and teambuilding module for MARA - Ran ...

    Sir Raff


    Diploma in Multimedia Application, KLMUC and proceeding Bachelor ...

    About Me

    Have been works as replacement teacher for few months and kindergarten teacher. Currently proceed for Bachelor (Hons) Multimedia Technology in Interactive Multimedia at Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL).


    Petaling Jaya

    Bachelor of Applied Biology (Hons) in Environmental Biology

    About Me

    Hi. I am Fuzlina. i have been working in a multinational company for the past 5 years. although i didn't have any tutoring experience before, i did taught my colleague on their english communication skills and also their computer skills.



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